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It’s never easy to come to terms with debt. Student Loans are some of the worst in the country and Carol from Philidelphia is no exception. She is 46 years old and still over $100,000 in debt with student loans. Carol decided that she was going to go back to college before she paid for her first round and she wants to share this warning with the listeners of the Dave Ramsey Show.

Carol still has to rent an apartment due to the pay cuts they take from her to recoup the loss of the debt. Furthermore, she has managed to save an emergency fund but it’s barely enough to get by. She wanted to invest but has not been able to break even. She warns listeners to make sure if you decide college is right for you to make sure your degree will work for you. She got her first degree in history but if you are not a teacher there is no use for this.

Carol’s final warning is to avoid student loans and their hidden pitfalls. They have caused her a lot of issues and would like to make sure future college students avoid them.


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