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Gas prices have skyrocketed everywhere all over the country. Schnitt, who was on vacation recently, has done quite a bit of traveling; he put over 1500 miles on a rental, and what he noticed was everywhere he went, the average gas price was about $3.29 per gallon. Florida is not immune to this, as when Schnitt filled his tank, it was also $3.29.

What Schnitt worried about is there used to be a 10¢ separation between the grades, but now the average separation is roughly 35¢. In the last 15 years, the gap has increased between the grades to astronomical proportions, which may be why prices are getting out of hand.

Each state has its problems with the current price of gas. Recalling a story from the Drudge Report over in California, the average price was close to $8. Now, this is typical in the areas whose taxes on gasoline cause that, but it has bled over into neighboring states as Arizona, Nevada, and more have seen the spike. Schnitt has noticed that the variation between the grades over in places where the prices are super high they maintain that 10¢ variation. This could signify higher demand here on the East Coast or just less regulation on higher burning fuels.


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