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Gary has strong words for the people we are dealing with who are currently making decisions. Morons, economically illiterate imbeciles, people without a clue, and Gary is not making this up. They want to tax billionaires on the money they have not even earned yet. This is approximately 700 people. This could include stocks, real estate, and business investments.

Kaultbalm claims this unconstitutional because it’s a wealth tax. But what do the people in Congress care about the Constitution at this point, claims Kaultbaum. He doubts they have an ok for 29 trillion dollars in debt or becoming millionaires off $180K a year.

The problem with this proposal can be seen from Monaco, the city known for the Grand Prix. Its also known as a great tax haven. Billionaires can freely pick up and go wherever it’s a part of the wealth they have earned. They can move to a better spot where they won’t be taxed, and then who do we get that money from for this proposal. Nothing is holding them here if they have to pay out on money they haven’t even earned. Then who is gonna pay for these plans? Don’t you think this will happen? New York lost a boatload of billionaires for Florida because of an outrageous tax policy. New York lost the revenue, and then it turned into lost revenue for the state.

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