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TAMPA, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 24: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throws a pass in the second quarter against the Chicago Bears in the game at Raymond James Stadium on October 24, 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Now Schnitt will admit he is not normally going to talk about sports, but this was huge. A major milestone in his career Tom Brady recently through his 600th touchdown pass in the game on Sunday. The major controversy surrounding the incident is that the fan gave the ball back after Wide Reciever Mike Evans handed it to him. Schnitt has recently found out that the ball was valued by multiple memorabilia collectors to be worth over $500,000.

Schnitt laughs as he plays audio from the commentators as they start throwing out what they would have asked to get their hands on the football. Some wanted dates with Gizelle and others much more. Schnitt is impressed that Brady is worth over tens of millions of dollars, and the guy hands it the ball back. The ball could have paid for his kid’s education or even a new house but just handed back his payday.

Since the Airing of the show, the Fan did receive a payout in the form of:1 Bitcoin from Brady ($63k), 2 signed Brady jerseys & helmet ($10k), Evans signed jersey & game cleats ($2k), Bucs store credit ($1k), and 2 season tickets 2021 & 2022 ($20k)

[Source USA Today]


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