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After being delayed for months because of COVID-19, Tampa will finally get to see the Stones at Raymond James Stadium Friday night! Here are the things you should know so you don’t get surprised or delayed when you get to the concert.

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Is the concert sold out?
No. Tickets remain on sale via Ticketmaster starting at $67 before fees. Better seats down on the field near the stage are about $500. If you want to go somewhere in the middle, there are seats on the side of the stage selling for about $250. Standing room spots at the back of the floor are available for just under $150.

What songs do they do on this tour?
Take a look at the anticipated set list.

Should I print my ticket out?
No. They will be using a mobile ticketing system so the best thing is to make sure your phone is charged up and you have the ticket ready to show at the gate. You’ll need to be logged in to your Ticketmaster account. Screen shots will not get you in.

What if some in our group are getting there late?
If someone in your group isn’t planning to enter at the same time you are, you should transfer their ticket to them now.

When do parking lots open?

They’ll open at 4 if you wanna do a little pregaming!

When can you get in to the stadium?

Doors will open at 6pm.

What time does the show actually start?

The concert is set to begin at 8pm. There is an opening act called “The Ghost Hounds.” No word on what specific time the Stones will take the stage.

Will people be wearing masks?

Although masks are recommended, they will not be required.

Can I bring a purse or bag in?

You can bring a small clutch (4.5 inches tall by 6.5 wide). Backpacks or large purses will not be allowed in.

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