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Slick, co-content creator for Tampa Bay Today With Shriner weighs in on the use of National Guard in clearing out the shipping containers. Slick is a 12 year Veteran of the National Guard

United States Governors are at it again as they have dug themselves into a hole and now can not get themselves out. Shriner was talking with some friends at his bible study, and the shortages became a topic. Some asked why they can’t have the National Guard do it as some governors in states have been doing. Shiner calls on Slick to respond to this question as he is a 12 year veteran of the Florida Army National Guard.

In California, Massachusetts, Ohio, and even the great state of Texas, governors are fighting bad policy whether of their own making or current or past administrations. The National Guard has a state duty to aide and protect the state they serve in their times of need. Instead, however, they are just using them as a cheap band-aid to be thrown away and push their political campaigns even further. If the plan succeeds, they immediately jump on the chance to say, “Hey, look what a great thing I did.” However, if it fails, they will throw as much blame as they can on the Guardsmen and Women for not perfectly executing the plan they envisioned.

Now, what about the people that respond to this call the Guardsmen and Women. They uproot their lives just to come in and fix someone’s bad planning. “Careers are put on hold, and family events are missed. Milestones in people’s lives are gone just because you can’t compromise with the people you serve,” exclaims Slick. “Politicians have gotten this idea that we serve them, not the other way around.” Slick states he believes in helping Florida when it’s in need, like unforeseen circumstances, but doesn’t like fixing bad policy decisions.

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