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Sarah from Indiana calls in because she was recently fired from her long-standing career. She was a college instructor, and the termination had come out of nowhere. She had not planned to get the vaccine for religious exemptions, but they terminated her saying that they wouldn’t use her moving forward. She is meeting with an attorney but would like Ramsey Solutions to help on what she should be asking them to move forward.

Since she was terminated, she isn’t sure if she should ask for compensation for lost wages or get her job back. What compensation do the team at Ramsey Solutions believe she is entitled to after this. The guys ask if she was going to be allowed a severance package for being there so long, which she answers she didn’t get one because she doesn’t even know what they look like.

Sarah was in a hard place because of the vaccine topic. They wouldn’t let her even take early retirement. But the team believes she is in the right to ask whatever she wants that is fair. The team really believes that since she was this close to retirement, that would be the best place to start since they unceremoniously kicked her out right before it would have taken effect. Be fair, be reasonable.

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