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Isis K makes waves in the news again as US Intelligence believes them to be a credible threat to the United States.  According to reports, Schnitt US Intel is suggesting that the recent branch that has sprouted up in Afghanistan is currently making plans against multiple countries—making matters worse. The Taliban may even lose control of Afghanistan to this new terrorist cell.

A top Pentagon Offical has reported to Congress that ISIS K has made plans to start attacks outside of Afghanistan. They could be capable of making these attacks within the next 12 months. The planned areas have not been disclosed, but it is a problem for Europe and America.

Schnitt believes that any blood spilled from ISIS K will be on Joe Biden’s hands. If it happens, this is because of the disastrous withdrawal from the country months ago. These peacekeeping forces that were left could have kept a lid on the whole situation, believes Schnitt. When these attacks happen is unknown, but it is causing waves in the realm of International safety.


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