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A listener has written into the Dave Ramsey show because they wanted to know what shield near-certain names mean. So recently, Ramsey Solutions put this in place to show that Dave trusts these endorsements. You would go to these places Dave has endorsed for decades because you trust him, and he wants you to know that they are fully vetted. So the program is called Ramsey Trusted.

Ramsey Trusted has a team of people that go through and vet each company marked with the shield. They must meet the criteria they promise to Dave that he tells listeners about. If they don’t meet the quality of the product, they promise they are liable to lose their shield and even Dave’s endorsement. Dave explains this is like a Good Housekeeping Circle of Approval but better because earning the circle is very unclear. Dave guarantees his seal ensures quality, competence, and guarantee to get the job done. The biggest guarantee is that they will take care of you from start to finish.

Dave admits that he may have slapped his name on a lot of products that fell through in the past. Being in radio for over 30 years has caused this to be an issue, but he wanted to make sure that this was a thing of the past. He cringed when he did this because they needed the money, but now with the success of his program, he goes above and beyond to make sure this isn’t the case. This change was even early in his career. He doesn’t want to send anyone to a place where he wouldn’t send his best friend.


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