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Shriner has Robert Blackmon on today so that everyone can get to know him and what he stands for during this current race for St. Pete Mayor. Blackmon faces off against former Pinellas County Commissioner Ken Welch, a Democrat and the top vote-getter in last month’s primary election. Shriner has opened the mic to both Blackmon and Welch, and we are glad to have Blackmon take the time to reach out and talk to us.

Robert Blackmon’s History With St. Pete:

Robert is 4th generation St Pete native on his mom’s side. He graduated from St. Pete High, and after earning his degree at Florida State University, he returned home to St. Pete to build his business here. He currently serves on the city council.

What Blackmon has done for St Pete:

Robert got the funding to begin construction on a new SPFD Engine 2 over the Mayor’s objections, providing a much-needed upgrade to their facilities. He also secured emergency lights for their temporary station. In addition, Robert proposed a comprehensive gun buyback program to help get illegal guns out of the hands of criminals. This protects the rights of law-abiding gun owners while also aiding in decreasing gun violence. Finally, Robert pushed for showing City meetings, including City Council, on Facebook Live to improve accessibility during and after the pandemic.

Day 1 Plans for St Pete:

Blackmon has plans to live up to these goals include relocating the Municipal Services Center to the long-shuttered Tangerine Plaza grocery store in Midtown, creating an economic catalyst for the community-saving taxpayers citywide $50 million. Introduce a city-backed low-interest mortgage program, where every dollar that enters the program will never leave. Currently, the city gives developers large subsidies (in some cases, $70k-plus per unit) that disappear after construction. This change will create a positive snowball effect to help those most in need. Third, invest in the renovation of the municipal marina to keep our precious public waterfront from being privatized. Oversee the demolition and reconstruction of the Sunshine Senior Center to be rebuilt as a state-of-the-art seniors’ activity. Resume negotiations with the Rays based on mutual respect to finally get clarity on the future of Tropicana Field. And most importantly, reopen the communication between the Mayor’s office and the city council that has been fractured under the current administration. This includes reaching out to every former council member, Mayor, and elected official in our community for advice to make our city the best it can be.

Robert Blackmon’s Final Thoughts on the Campaign:

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