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The question for the day is how to deal with a co-worker who makes more than you but works less. Some people work over 60 hours a week during the current job shortage but may be barely breaking even with rising prices for goods. This issue does tend to cause certain psychological pitfalls to arise that can put you down a path of anger and resentment. The guys believe that it is dangerous to compare yourself to others.

When it comes time to ask for a raise, try not to leverage what you do for the company over them. Instead, try going in with a “Growth Plan.” Layout what the company means to you and what you want to do in the future for the company.

Sitting down with management can feel daunting, but it’s used in career growth to see what areas you excel and lack. During these talks, you can find out what you can do for the company you work for and what they can do to compensate you for the time and effort. Not all companies are going to want you to move forward and keep an eye on them. Of course, stagnation isn’t always a bad thing, but if the company thinks you have hit your peak, you may want to look for new opportunities.

Don’t be selfish when it all comes down, and you are sitting with the people responsible for making that final decision in your pay increase. It’s not that you deserve something because so and so that leans more towards entitlement. Keep a humble posture and compromise on the deal. Bring your current value as well as a plan to increase that value moving forward.



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