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ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA - SEPTEMBER 28: Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) (L) debates Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin hosted by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce September 28, 2021 in Alexandria, Virginia. The 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election will be held on November 2.

Things are heating up all over the country as we have the midterms approaching at a breakneck speed right now. Democrats are worried they may lose their waiting power to the other side of the aisle. As a result, there have been many attempts by former big-name Democrats like Former President Barrack Obama out campaigning on behalf of many of them. But the most significant race currently setting the richer scale off is the race in Virginia.

Everyone is on edge right now, but the question is, what will all the moving and shaking from the democrats cause in the outcome. This race is labeled as a precursor to the midterm elections because of how a predominately blue state seems to be shifting to red slowly. Incumbent Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe and first-time candidate Republican Glenn Youngkin have all eyes set on them as the race draws close.

Youngkin is ahead at the time of writing this, causing McAuliffe to be on edge. When McAuliffe appears on TV, he is wreaking desperation. So much that he is grasping for straws and throwing whatever he thinks will stick at Youngkin. This has been a recent move by Democrats, but as the current administration appears to falter, things are hard to stick. Even the tried and true Trump angle is not working as many Republicans have distanced themselves from the former president, even Youngkin, who has kept him at arm’s length.

This race is expected to foreshadow the upcoming 2022 Mid-Term election and could spell doom for the current Democratic party as they lose what little power they have picked up since 2020.

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