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Robert calls in from California with a question about his career. Robert has two job offers right now, but they offer a vast difference in benefits and pay.  The big thing right now is that the one that pays more would be something Robert himself is not quite that excited about. On the other hand, the one that pays lower is something that Robert has a passion for, but the difference in pay is substantial. He believes he will have more of an impact on the smaller company despite it paying less.

Ken Coleman takes over this situation because this is his area of expertise. He knows that Robert is more excited to work at the smaller company, which will go on the list of pros. The next question is, what is the forward momentum for both companies. If you don’t plan to see forward growth at one versus the other, you should take that into heavy consideration. Robert will get an enormous raise regardless of his decision. So Ken asks if they both paid the same, where would he go?

Ken’s final thoughts are based on his experience with previous callers. Many people took the higher offer knowing they would enjoy the latter more and have all been very dissatisfied. If there is no need for the money, you should follow the path that you feel you will be happy with so that you do not burn yourself out working.

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