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It’s all over today; as the votes have been tallied and the races are over, we have no significant surprises as things remain the same here in St. Pete. Ken Welch has claimed victory over Robert Blackmon for Mayor by 14,000 votes and will be taking over for Rick Kreisman.

Shriner is not too sure about this, though. He feels like, with the current Mayor, there is a trend of being anti-business. This was evident in the lockdowns when the city posed harsh restrictions and punishments for businesses running during the pandemic. Rick Kreisman endorsed Welch in this run, and he feels that the two will have similar policies.

Welch used phrases that rubbed Shriner the wrong way, figuring that they would focus on a specific demographic versus the entire city population. Added with the financial tragedies that Shriner has faced from the policies of the Kreisman Era, it may be a sign of the same things repeating themselves.

The last upset that Shriner was shocked to hear about was the democrat socialist is now representing District 8 in Florida.  Shriner fears that this won’t bode well for the foreseeable future.

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