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Marking what could be one of the most exciting cases heading to the Supreme Court in years to come, New Yorkers are looking to get control of their guns. Many New Yorkers have had enough with not being able to defend themselves amidst skyrocketing crime rates. They are fed up.

The case started yesterday, and Schnitt has an audio bite from Paul Clemons, the attorney for the State. He is arguing that residents want the right to conceal carry in public. There are many ridiculous restrictions, but they require so many hoops to crawl through. Even worse, once you are done with all of it, they can deny you, and you have lost the money invested into the permit. This is why very few permits are handed out in the State.

Paul Clemmons argues that carrying a firearm outside of the home is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. During the oral arguments, Justice Kavanaugh makes the point that why is it ok to say you live in a violent area and want to defend yourself. The consensus is that with the current justices, we could see changes coming for the state of New York.