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Please leave it to China to make some power moves that have managed to escape the wandering eyes of the media. There is speculation that they are trying to take over the world in some sort of cartoonesque fashion. They have been making significant gains in technology, and it’s leaving America in the dust. Schnitt is worried the US is not doing enough to keep them from becoming the dominant superpower.

The latest move of the Communist Superpower is that they have been building replica targets of US warships. This is because part of the American fighting force’s superiority is our Navy. Throughout the entire world, US Naval ships are stationed, ready to aide the call of those who need it. Outside of that, China has been expanding its Navy to compete with US Forces.

By the end of this decade, China has planned to have a nuclear arsenal of over 1,000 warheads. Added with the dummy targets of US Navy ships, we could be seeing a foreshadow of their plans for domination. This threat just isn’t a US problem as Taiwan has been dealing with the Chinese encroaching on their borders and throwing out warnings to the US not to interfere.

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