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It’s been all over social media for days.  Florida politicians reached out to fast food burger chain In-N-Out to invite them to come to Florida.  For those who know the history of the franchise, it probably won’t come as a shock to hear… it’s not going to happen, according to a report on Channel 8 tonight. If you want one of those double double animal style burgers, you’re going to have to visit California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado or Oregon.

The burger chain has a very limited reach because of its distribution centers. They don’t freeze their burger patties so their restaurants can only be so far away. Tampa (and the rest of Florida for that matter) is far outside of that radius.  The chain has been less concerned with profit and expansion.  Instead they have always wanted to make sure the quality and consistency of their food is maintained.  So that’s why they only operate in certain states, according to Readers Digest.  But it made for a good catchy click bait headline to appear as if it could happen, so the story caught fire all this week on social media sites.

According to Channel 8, in an email, In-N-Out’s Arnie Wesninger said: “While we are thankful for the gracious invitation, In-N-Out Burger has no plans or intention to expand operations or move its corporate headquarters to Florida.”  [Sources: Channel 8,]

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