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Thomas from Virginia is calling into the show today, and his question is about student loans. He is recently married, and even though his wife is excellent with money, he is not. As a result, he carries multiple forms of debt to include credit cards, student loans, and a few other payment types.  He read Daves books and followed his steps, clearing out some of his debt with the debt snowball technique. Right now, he only holds a student loan debt of roughly $20,000.

His wife is currently doing well with over $500,00 in her retirement fund alone. Talking with a financial advisor, they suggested that Thomas and his wife not pay anymore on the student debt and wait for the student loan forgiveness. This process is currently a lottery system, and not everyone is guaranteed to get theirs paid off. Thomas wants to hold off for just a year and see if his number gets pulled.

Dave pulls no punches as he tells Thomas that if he thinks this will happen within a year. Dave believes the loan forgiveness is a political disaster waiting to happen. If it were going to happen, there would be bills on the floor, and as of writing this article, there are not.  Dave says not to wait around for them to get their act together. He suggests firing his advisor and writing a check to clear him of that debt.


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