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Across the United States, many Bishops are arguing over whether they should not allow President Biden to take communion. Though the Pope has allowed this, many US Bishops feel that Biden policies are against the Catholic Faith. Pat George feels religion has gone to the wayside in modern conversation lately, but according to Shriner, this has been a big deal amongst those of the Catholic faith.

The issue looming over the current Presidents faith is his stance on abortion. The Catholics have always been adamant about their position on abortion and birth control; there is a zero-tolerance policy. This issue has caused significant rifts in the church since the President took office.

The conference started Monday in Baltimore and goes through Thursday, and the bishops will vote on the document of holy communion. Shriner believes that faith is more than communion and the documents but understands where the bishops are coming from. Shriner was raised Catholic; he understands why communion is essential to their faith and why this is a big deal. Joe Biden is the first Catholic President since JFK; he has a lot of pressure built around the decision of US Bishops.

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