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Kaziah is in Minnesota, and she is super excited because she is getting married in February. She currently lives in an apartment with some friends, but that can’t last when she finally ties the knot. She is busy right now apartment shopping and has not had any luck with the local market. This is because she currently has no credit score. She is happy with this, but since she and her fiance have recently acquired new jobs, they have no proof of income either. So she needs Dave’s advice to take the next step.

Dave recalls doing an experiment a while back to attempt to get approved for an apartment with no credit, and out of the 30 major complexes in the area, only 2 required a credit score. The income issue can be resolved with a letter from the employer. Any employee in good standing should be able to write one to verify your employment; it’s like a reference letter for a job application. If all else fails, you have to keep looking because eventually, you will find a landlord that will look at you.

Kaziah has a particular case as well as she freelances most of her work. She babysits and nannies several children as well as interns at a local preschool. Unfortunately, she has only one paystub that shows a source of income. The team says that she should gather the average income from all sources not associated with a paystub and be prepared to offer a quantifiable amount to potential landlords.


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