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With all the supply chain disruption going nuts out there, it’s going to be a very different type of Holiday season. So there’s a lot of stress rolling in for families and their expectations rolling in that the focus of it all may become overwhelming. Currently, there is over $28 Billion worth of goods sitting in Los Angeles Harbor, which has many consumers worried that they will not be able to get the things they want this holiday season. In addition, if you manage to get past the shortage of truck drivers hitting the United States and what few drivers there are, you are currently in a standoff with the California Governor over new emission standards, making it nearly impossible to drive in California. This bottleneck is driving up demand which drives up prices.

Ramsey Solutions has pulled a lot of their products from the overseas trade, and they have a few that are held up there but not much. Just getting something as simple as the cardboard the Ramsey Solutions kits come in has gone up, and it’s causing the prices to be pushed down to the consumer. No business is going to eat the cost, no matter what any politician will tell you. That’s now how people make money for the risk they took. Even if we get into the port, the fees and fines needed to operate in California, the US’s hub for all Pacific Trade, these prices are also being added to the consumer.

There is a shortage of every high-demand popular item out there right now, from Batteries for kids’ toys to Computers for that budding college student. So right now, for Christmas, the team suggests shopping early because who knows if you can wait for that perfect gift this year. Ratchet down on every dollar; do not let it slip away. Stay away from negotiating right now because of the demand people have more leverage over the average buyer.

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