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Chad from Minnesota is calling in today because he has that age-old question on his mind. They plan to be married next June; however, how they want to handle money is vastly different. Chad grew up on a farm, working and saving everything for the next year just if things went south. His wife, however, came into an inheritance through her grandfather and has never had to work a day if she wanted. It gets rough because his now future mother-in-law uses this to manipulate the children into doing things for her. This has Chads Fiance believing money is the root of all evil.

Dave believes this marriage has a high probability of failure from the start. There are a few strikes against them already, and the pitcher is winding up for the next pitch now. First, they need to address Chad’s fiance’s toxic upbringing. Letting her stool in this is probably creating a rift between her and her family already. Second, they have both failed at marriage before. They need to heal over this because it’s one of the higher causes of people who have been married before and haven’t let go of past issues. Finally, they need to get their money issues under control. This is the current leading cause of most divorces in America, and they haven’t been married yet and already have them.

Dave explains to Chad he needs to seek 1-on-1 counseling right now to make sure they work out the previous issues and seek financial counseling to help them come to terms on how to handle money and family.

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