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Tampa Bay Today With Shriner

Shriner is happy to open the floor of Tampa Bay Today to Eric and the President of the Group Adam Harden. Shriner is excited to have them call in as they helped with the benefit ride that he recently ran with the St Pete Fools.

The Founding of the Organization

Eric founded the group as an organic organization after the tragic death of George Floyd and watched fellow officers across the country be targeted for assassination. It has grown vastly to over 2000 members in the short time since its inception. Anyone can be a member it does not require you to be a LEO or even own a motorcycle.

The Event Details

Registration starts at 0900-1000 over in New Port Richey Harley Davidson and kickstand go up sharply at 1000.

The ride will be routed to several Precincts where a plaque will be given to each of them to show them they are appreciated for everything they do.

The ride will finish up over at Gill Dawg’s where the rest of the events will be held.


Some Rules For the Ride

1) Please stay in a staggered two-row/ single-lane formation (motorcycles). We will have about 6 to 8 Road Captains occasionally using the lanes outside the formation and if you dart out of formation this may cause a collision with them as they’re passing!
Besides massive amounts of bikes riding in perfect formation just looks damned impressive! So please DON’T be “That Guy”. In the coming days, we will be posting a map of the route that we will be taking but you shouldn’t need this if you stay in formation.
2) Make sure your bike is full of fuel and in safe operating condition. Nothing is worse than being left by the pack on the side of the road and missing the event. Check your tires, pressure, oil levels, brake lights, indicators, etc….
3) Ride at a safe distance and be alert to what we call “the rubber-band effect”. As you’ve experienced in rush hour traffic, cars in front may slow down and some cars in the middle slow down faster because they’re not paying attention, and cars behind them are slamming on brakes and going to the shoulder to avoid a collision.
Do not over-react, pay attention to brake lights in front of you, and try to make your adjustments smooth and steady.
4) When we park at police departments, we will try to stay in the same road formation so it’s easier when we exit and head to the next stop. We ask you don’t get impatient and leave early to go to the after-party or get lost, after all this ride is for the officers!
5) You must sign a ride waiver at registration before the ride at the Harley dealership so please get there on time or early as there will likely be a line at the registration desk. We will be leaving promptly and I’m sure no one wants to be left behind.
6) We encourage personal safety gear, however, as you know some of this gear is not required by Florida law. If you choose not to wear it, that’s on you not the coordinators of the ride. Ride at your own risk. This is a voluntary ride and you and/or your insurance assumes all liability.
7) Have fun and help us show our area Law Enforcement they are appreciated by the biker community and beyond. It is our mission statement to show them this and sway public opinion towards them to the positive regardless of the media misdirection.

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