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Becky writes in on a not-so-great topic. During most of her marriage, her husband was cheating on her. She has confronted him, and since then, they have been seeking counseling at their church. Her husband has gone through a lot to prove he will change by changing his life and career despite taking a pay cut.

There is still trouble in paradise as when Becky and her husband sat down to do the budget; it did not end well. She felt he was trying to control the money, and she didn’t like this because she still didn’t trust him. John thinks they have responded to an explosion in their relationship stability by setting off another. John believes the next best course to do is to stop everything and turn the lights on. By this, he means stop trying to push forward before you see everything in the room.

Dave, who was hesitant to answer at first, thinks that this will be a hard wave to ride. When he has done one-on-one counseling in the past that it’s hard to put down a budget when you have underlying issues. Dave believes that the control issues with money may stem from control issues in the relationship, and before they can cross that bridge, it needs to be repaired.

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