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HANOI, VIETNAM - DECEMBER 24: A vendor decorates a mini Christmas tree on Hang Ma street on December 24, 2020 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnamese people celebrated Christmas this year with a sense of joy, knowing that their country has been one of the most successful in the world at containing the arrival and the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. As a predominantly Buddhist nation, Christmas is not an official public holiday in Vietnam but many people have adopted to celebrate it both as a religious festival and a new cultural tradition.


Things have changed quite a bit since Shriners time when it comes to work and money. If he would have kept with his lawn business instead of stocking shelves as he did for a while he would have made more and had more to spend during the holidays. Now with the rising cost of goods due to inflation and other economic issues its seems all across the United States people are worried they will be spending too much on this year’s Christmas.

Shriner understands their troubles but assures you Christmas does not have to be expensive. He believes that you can decorate and even prepare gifts that are going to mean more than getting someone just another gift card.

When it comes to decorating those ith children should invest in arts and crafts supplies from local hobby shops and allow kids to help decorate with things they create. This could mean them creating something that lasts their childhood that is a regular in the household decorations list.

Next Shriner recommends finding new gift ideas that seem out of the ordinary. Maybe a trip to a local state or national park. Creating a gift from scratch something that would help that special someone with something they may not realize they could use. Even better could be a group or family event that everyone helps to pitch in on.

Christmas doesn’t have to be special with you spending money. Shriner’s idea of a good Christmas is everyone coming together and spending time together without having to worry about the outside world. Just taking the time to be together is the greatest way to spend the holiday time.

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