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Stay at home moms don’t always want to stay that way. And this is the difficulty for the question of the day for Dave and Ken. Dawn from California writes in and wonders how she should re-enter the workforce. Should she find an entry-level job and help knock down some of the debt, or should she get training and find something afterward.

Ken explains that she should start looking towards the talent she has. You never truly lose your talent, but it does sometimes need to be oiled up so that you are good to go. Yeah, you can always compound on those sills making you a more viable asset in the workforce, but so that you never break away from Dave Ramsey Teachings, he would rather see you clear your debt than search for those training opportunities.

Dave believes that if you want to re-enter, you should, especially if it means clearing your debt. Dave hates debt that much that he encourages you to find a suitable job and will help you eliminate yourself out of that hole. He also explains it this way that a body in motion is easier to direct. This means that once you get moving towards your goal of a new career, it will make it a lot easier to pursue new career paths as they become available.

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