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Dave is just handed a recent article from one of his producers, and just off the title alone, Dave is not happy. He comes right out and says that he is pissed off. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, brought to you in part by Elizabeth Warren, was put in place to protect us as consumers. Well, the  CFPB was put in charge of a piece of legislation that has been on the books for over 30 years. Federal Fair Debt Practices Act which gives guidelines on how debt collectors have to act or are in violation of Federal Law.

In the current administration of government, this Bureau that is here to protect us as consumers have decided something that goes against what they stand for. “New Rules Allow Debt Collectors To Email and Text You” is the article, and it gets even worst than allowing you to be harassed digitally. This change to the rules allows debt collectors to contact you through Social Media.

Dave is mad because they had one job, and it’s even in the title. PROTECT THE CONSUMER! The collectors can now see your activity and message and harass you when they see you are online. First, they will attempt to send you a friend request, and then they must send you a legal agreement where you have to say yes to being contacted. But what’s to stop the next guy if you refuse. Eventually, this system could be filled by bots posing as people you think you remember from High School.


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