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In recent years, something has risen up inside adults between the ages of 20-30. The positive message is the amount of entrepreneurial vigor right now as more and more people of this generation are starting businesses. The weird part of it is this is not greed-driven but actual initiative. However, this drive is causing this generation to rush through and make some poor decisions. 2 major poor choices that could affect their future negatively. Dave admits to making these same mistakes in his 20’s, but now, as a Boomer, he wants to help you avoid them.

The zeal of being a business owner has them rushing to buy property as cheap as they can get it. This is dangerous because some overspend and dig themselves into a hole they may not get out of. Dave recalls doing the same in his 20’s buying up many properties but going broke because he could not afford to maintain them or pay for other things on these homes. He doesn’t want people to avoid buying the property. Instead, he suggests that you make sure you are not getting into more trouble than you can handle.

His second bit of advice is not to change your life just because you came into a little bit of money. He has heard of the same people you have that have made money through bitcoin and other means, but that’s not everyone. You don’t want to quit your career just because you won $50K on a game show. Be smart and make sure you have the source of income coming through. Getting ahead isn’t an easy ride it takes time and long days. But, in the end, it will pay off.


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