Extended weather forecasts aren’t the most reliable. Conditions can change fast and looking that far out is a bit of a guessing game for meteorologists. But we can pretty much guarantee that it will NOT be a white Christmas in Florida. Shocker huh?

Denis Phillips from ABC Action News this morning tweeted out a graphic showing the long-term forecast for the country and the Tampa Bay area falls in a very very dark red. That zone means not only will it not be chilly, there’s at least a 60% chance we’ll have above average temperatures in the Tampa area on Christmas morning. The average high temperature in December for Tampa is 72 degrees.

If you’re traveling for the holiday, northeast parts of the United States will be at near normal temperatures on Christmas. New York and Pennsylvania might be a tad warmer than usual. If your sleigh is taking you to the west coast, almost all of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington show lower than average temps for December 25.

Concert tickets to ask Santa for in your stocking!

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