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We know shopping for that perfect gift can sometimes be a real chore, but when you have to get Shriner as a Secret Santa, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

XM-42 Flamethrower Lite

The XM-42 Lite is our most popular Flamethrower. Easy to use and entertaining, shooting 33' ft! Brush burning and parties will never be the same!

That’s right, a legit flamethrower. The hiss of the pilot running, the mechanical whirr of the fuel pump, and the pure joy of the flame shooting 33′ feet, will forever change your life. Now the website says you can use it to clear snow, but since we are in Florida, you can almost bet we are going to make it a news headline. So imagine it now “Local Santa Caught With Flamethrower.” However, they are perfectly legal and seem to be a hot item on this website.

It has a battery charge and requires either a gas or diesel mix. 23 seconds of continuous flames, but if you’re looking to impress the neighbors and terrify your enemies, grab yourself the back-pack extension (sold separately), which offers up to 4 minutes of continuous roasting.

We did mention it was legal to own, but unfortunately, it is only legal in 48 States. (**Not legal in California or Maryland. )Therefore they won’t ship to customers in these states. However, if you can provide proof of a pyrotechnics license, they can bypass these restrictions and ship to you in either Maryland or California.


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