This is one of those quick sales so by the time you read this, the fares might have already… taken off. But it’s worth a look. Channel 8 reports that Breeze Airways is selling $29 one-way tickets from Tampa to 10 cities. Here are the particulars… you have to buy your ticket by 11:59pm Wednesday night. The $29 fare is being offered on flights between January 8 and February 28.

Here are the cities:
Akron, Ohio
Bentonville, Arkansas
Charleston, South Carolina
Columbus, Ohio
Huntsville, Alabama
Louisville, Kentucky
Norfolk, Virginia
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Richmond, Virginia
Tulsa, Oklahoma

This is one of those budget airlines so they tack on the fees for things like a carry-on bag, early boarding, drinks, snacks or a seat with extra leg room. But there’s even a sale on a package that includes all that stuff for $22. They say it’s usually $94. [Source: Channel 8]

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