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Local US College will now start putting trigger warnings on classic literature.

Some of these old books you read are supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. Think of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” the premise where a young girl watches her father confront a racist justice system. This book was pulled from high schools recently for making people feel uncomfortable. In college, they have decided not to remove books from the shelves. No Colleges are to give trigger warnings for classic literature.

For over 150 years, the works of Jane Eyre, Charles Dickens, and more have been studied for their contributions to culture and history. But now, Colleges throughout the country are slapping on a warning that you may be triggered reading them because they may find passages distressing. Many feel that it’s absurd that adults have to notice reading nowadays.

The latest books to be hit are Great Expectations for vivid imagery of poverty, prison ships, and fights to the death. Jane Eyre because it describes her unhappy childhood as an abandoned orphan. This doesn’t just apply to the novels but the movie adaptations. Some are saying it’s crazy that colleges give trigger warnings for classic literature. Many have made comments like: ridiculous that adults ‘have to be protected from the stories that generations of children have been able to cope with without being damaged’.

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