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Janelle from Cleveland calls in because she is in a wierd place. She is not sure if she watns to tell her children that her husband and she have acrued over $1.5 Million in wealth. Her kids are not bad in anyway they have been stand up citizens. She is afraid that money corrupts because of her upbringing. She never knew of her parents finances until her  dad died.

Dave beleives its never to late to sit down with your kids and talk to them about money. He remembers the conversations he has had with his kids. He waited until they were free from college so they had the maturity and knowledge of basic economics.  He explains to Janelle that his conversation went like this: You are not inheriting the money, you are inheriting the responsibilty. 

Dave wants his kids to make wise investmants follow his teachings that have made him and many more succesful. He beleives Janelle’s kids will benifit from this conversation. This has gotten them around the emotion of “We won the Lottery.” Janelle is wondering whats the purpose though of this conversation which Dave answers. Its because it better prepares them for the time when it all moves down.


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