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2021 was a bad year for pedestrians as Pinellas County may be the most dangerous for Bikers. Not motorcycles though bicyclists, and other types of pedestrians. According to a statewide study, Pinellas has ranked the highest in these accidents. Tampa and other parts of the bay area rank highest in the state for this but areas in the region have decreased in the last year or so. However, Pinellas county is on the rise.

During 2020 Pinellas county had a total of 49, but in 2021 there was an 85. According to local medical examiners, this hasn’t been this high in over 15 years. Despite enacting Vision Zero, a program meant to reduce traffic fatalities, it appears the county is heading in the wrong direction.

Despite Hillsborough county counting all traffic incidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, they remain lower in the total count than Pinellas. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, in recent figures of 2021, Hillsborough had 58 pedestrian deaths and 13 deaths among bicyclists. That is five less than Pinellas County.

[Source Tampa Bay Times]

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