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Vice-President endorsed state attorney has been under fire for fraud and now her attorneys are speaking out on her behalf.

Recently a Vice-President endorsed state attorney has been under fire for fraud, and now her attorneys are speaking out. Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby was recently charged with fraud for claiming she was in financial hardship when applying for CARES Act, which she used to buy two separate Florida homes. She lied during the application process multiple times, failing to provide any proof of loss of income and not disclosing any information on her $45,000 debt to the IRS when applying for the loan.

Her attorney has now spoken out, claiming she is innocent. “I’m telling you she’s not only innocent, but we have professionals who she consulted with. She qualified under the statute,” said A. Scott Bolden. Bolden indicated that Mosby’s owned private businesses qualified her for the loans.

Mosby reported three separate businesses in 2020 three businesses, Mahogany Elite Travel, Mahogany Elite Enterprises LLC, and Mahogany Elite Consulting. The companies were created to “help underserved Black families who don’t usually have the opportunity to travel outside of urban cities so they can vacation at various destinations throughout the world at affordable rates,” Mosby has said according to the Baltimore Sun.

When it pertains to the tax lien from the IRS and the failure to disclose it on her mortgage application Bolden claims, “My client was not aware of the tax lien on her”

Mosby was backed by the current VP during her last state-run back in 2015. The Vice president spoke very highly of the state attorney.


Mosby faces five years in federal prison for each of two counts of perjury and a maximum of 30 years in federal prison for each of two counts of making false mortgage applications.

[Source Baltimore Sun]

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