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Something big is happening to Tampa as a new theme park is on its way here. But this one won't be another roller-coaster adventure.

Something big is happening to Tampa as a new theme park is on its way here. But this one won’t be like some roller-coaster adventure. Channel 8 reports it’s actually going to be a Surf Park. Peak Surf Park will span over 30 acres here in Tampa, costing around $60 million to build, depending on factors such as land cost. The founder Tony Miller is hoping to build as soon as possible as soon as he can lock down the property.

What Makes the Park different?

There won’t be any rollercoasters here it’s more about surfing. Don’t Surf. That’s ok. The park offers more than just surfing as it has biking, skating, and climbing attractions. A half-mile-long beach will be laden with multiple restaurants and bars, and they are looking to be able to host concerts and more events. Working with technology from the Surf Lakes in Australia. This technology makes multiple levels of waves possible at one time. It allows beginners and pros alike to be able to surf simultaneously.

Cheaper than Disney?

This is unclear at this time, but Miller assures us the park is “very affordable” for guests to come in and spend the day. The cost of surfing will be hourly and competitive with similar wave parks. Though Photos of the park look luxurious, Miller wants the Surf Park to be accessible for families and the entire community. The park plans to include programs for underserved markets “a holistic program of surfing, action sports, conservation education and internships for low-income groups, at-risk youth, people with disabilities, veterans and first responders suffering from PSTD [and more.].” [Source WFLA]

Check out videos from the other parks.

If you want to keep updated with the construction, you can sign up for updates here.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Announces 2022 Music Acts

  • Jan. 4-9, The Diamonds

    The Diamonds had some big hits in the 1950s and early 1960s. And no, Tom Hanks’ father was never a member of the group.

  • Jan. 11-16, EagleMania: The World’s Greatest Eagles Tribute Band

    The real Eagles are coming to Tampa in 2022, but this is a far more economical option!

  • Jan. 18-23, Let’s Hang On™: America’s No. 1 Frankie Valli Tribute Show

    One of the few remaining touring productions that guarantees a live band with EVERY show.

  • Jan. 25-30, NEW! All-4-One

    Remember their big ’90s hits?

  • Feb. 1-6, NEW! Hollywood Nights: The Bob Seger Experience

    If you didn’t get to see Bob’s last show in Tampa a few years ago, here’s the next best thing!

  • Feb. 8-13, Arrival from Sweden: The Music of ABBA

    ABBA is actually up for a Grammy in 2022!

  • Feb. 15-20, NEW! Ambrosia

    Best known for big 1978 hit “How Much I Feel.”

  • Feb. 22-27, Simply Queen: The Most Incredible Live Tribute to Queen

    Simply Queen performs all the iconic songs that made Queen one of the most legendary rock bands of all time, and faithfully recreates the grand scope of Queen’s live shows, both musically and visually, with attention to detail capturing the live amazing live Queen experience that filled stadiums around the world. No backing tracks – it’s all live, and “Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind!”

First Look Inside the Chick-fil-A at Busch Gardens


Other big news for theme parks here in the Tampa area.


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