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After what many believe to be an abysmal first year of a Presidency the Biden team wants a media reset. They hope to make him less "one-dimensional."

The Biden team wants a media reset after the first year of failures. Outside of the executive orders the President initially signed, none of his legislation has been approved. In addition, the President has been shot down through congress, the senate, and even the Supreme Court. With so many failures on the book, it may be hard to recover if the President plans to run for a second term. Currently, it is reported that the Biden team is reporting a new media strategy for 2022.

The plan involves being less public with congress. They want to have the President focus more on addressing Americans than the legislative branches. This doesn’t mean the President will stop talking with congress; it will just not make it public. This is unclear to hide further tensions growing in the democratic party or help paint the President in a better light. According to White House Officials, they want the presidency to feel more like a Member of the Senate, someplace he would feel more comfortable after spending decades there.

According to the White House, this is a common strategy amongst recent politicians but never named any. The idea now is to recoup and reinvigorate the failing Build back Better Plan, which has seen almost critical failure due to the lack of support from the GOP and a few Democrats. This and his voting rights act, which the Biden team spent time pushing over the recent holiday. The team is mainly worried that the President has given too many “one-dimensional” speeches, which has hurt his overall message. The Biden team wants a media reset, but will it be enough to save the failing presidency.

[Source NBC]
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