Matt Abrams on vacation from New York bundles up in a sweatshirt.

Thought the past few nights were cold? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Tonight temperatures are going to dip below that freezing point in many parts of our listening area. But what about Tampa? Will we actually slip under 32 degrees?

Our friends at ABC Action News say it’s not likely. But we will come close. Here are the forecasted low temperatures we’ll wake up to tomorrow morning.

Tallahassee 27
Zephyrhills 29
Crystal River 30
Jacksonville 33
New Port Richey 36
Tampa 37
Orlando 37
Apollo Beach 36
Clearwater 42
Miami 45
St. Pete 47

Temperatures won’t rebound much during the daylight hours either. Tomorrow’s high is expected to only get into the 50s. It’ll be another cold night Monday and then Tuesday we’ll “warm up” to about 60. But we are not expected to hit 70 anytime in the next week.

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