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Gathering tomorrow for the loss of a local Hillsborough County Sherriff Deputy starts tomorrow. It takes off in St. Augustine where Deputy Abigail Bieber was found dead. The route is planning on going all the way from St. Augustine to where the Deputy will be laid to rest in Clearwater.

Members of the sheriff’s office will line the road near the District 3 office where she worked. It will pass by the building around 12:15 p.m. Amongst the procession will be two of Beibers brothers Ben and Daniel who work for the Clearwater Police Department.

According to HCSO Beibers tragic death was due in part to a murder-suicide plot with a member of the HCSO criminal investigations division.

“Our Sheriff’s Office family is still reeling from the shock of this unthinkable tragedy. My prayers for strength and comfort are with the families and loved ones of these deputies, and every member of Team HCSO affected by this painful loss,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “Violence is never a solution, and I urge any employee who is dealing with a crisis to take advantage of the many resources our agency has created over the past several years which include Peer Support, Chaplains, and a clinical psychologist. Help is just a phone call away.”

Beiber served honorably for 4 years with HCSO.

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