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Kenzie in Utah writes in for the question of the day. She and her husband have been recently married and are currently debt-free. They together make well over 100K a year and, by all accounts, are doing very well. Following the life advice of the 7 Baby-Steps for success, she has gotten into giving back to others. They give pretty substantially out of their income, but now they would like to get a house of their own. How are they to balance giving and saving for their dream home?

The team suggests not making donations based on emotions to start. Many organizations looking for donations know how to tug at the right heartstrings to get you to donate to them. This could lead to giving to every person with a clipboard and a cause. Balancing this out and offering to give less will be the next step. It’s ok to put it away for yourself, and important you do not want to be the one who needs donations when you go overboard. Owning a house is a bigger deal than renting as you have to take care of everything yourself. Heaven forbid something happens, and you didn’t prepare.

It will always be a balancing act. Give when you can, but do not overdo it. Being a man of faith, Dave understands giving to the church and recommends always falling back on that if your heart and faith say you must give to something.

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