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Fortunately gas prices in the Tampa area aren't as bad as this! This photo was taken yesterday (March 7) in Los Angeles.

One thing you can count on with the Biden Administration is consistency. They have always managed to point the blame at others without hesitation, in the latest of finger point though the Biden team has targeted the oil companies as the reason for the recent gas prices hikes. President Biden mentioned Russia and Ukraine but said it’s only slightly to do with them. No, it was those evil oil companies they hate so much.

“Let me say this to the oil and gas companies and to the finance firms that back them: We understand that Putin’s war against the people of Ukraine is causing prices to rise,” the president said after announcing the ban at the White House. “But it’s no excuse to exercise excessive price increases or padding profits or any kind of effort to exploit this situation or American consumers.”

48% of your gas price is Crude Cost, which is the gas itself, which is its production. 32% is Taxes, both state and federal. Finally, 17% is the marketing cost with a total of 3% left for profits. Now, this is probably a little exaggerated, but the idea is that oil companies are not making near as much as the Biden team want’s you to think.

The President and his team want to push their clean energy agenda, which is fine, but this isn’t the way to do that. Pete Buttigieg and Jen Psaki have both claimed it’s now time for Americans to buy electric cars despite the average cost of them being over $20,000. But unfortunately, no average American can afford that with the recent inflation cost. And if you were able to afford it, there is little chance you can find one right now due to chip shortages.

Americans don’t need someone to blame; they need a solution to the problem. Unfortunately,  our administration doesn’t seem to have an answer.


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