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Legendary Voice of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Florida State Seminoles Gene Deckerhoff is one of the most iconic voices in all of Sports Broadcasting. Over 43 years, he has been announcing games for over 43 years, but after April 9th Gene will sign-off for the last time with FSU sports.

“It has been a lifetime of great moments—great players, great coaches, great games, great memories, and most of all great Seminole fans,” said Deckerhoff.  “A life’s work that reads like a best selling novel played out on the radio. I have been blessed. Thank you FSU.

Gene still plans on finishing his commitment to the Buccaneers and continues broadcasting until his commitment is up. However, he does want to do at least one more Super Bowl.

“I will finish my commitment to the Buccaneer Radio Network and who knows maybe broadcast another Super Bowl.”

Any Sport’s Broadcaster worth their salt knows what a legend Gene is and his exceptional play-by-play broadcaster he is. He can call games from a neutral position as being just as excited about the opposing team scoring or making a fantastic call as his team. Gene’s legacy will be felt for years to come as he sinks down into retirement in Tallahassee. [Source]