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We have seen a mass shortage of force during the pandemic that makes the country go around. The Truck Driver. The blood of the country as they move supplies and goods from point to point. Averaging up to $50K, the job is on you to help and deliver, and it just requires a CDL that anyone can get. Eventually, you can build to be an owner-operator and make your schedule and time.

Despite most Americans being distracted by Ukraine and Ketanji Brown, we haven’t forgotten the U.S. Freedom Convoy. It has been going on for over 2 weeks after leaving Barstow, California, and has had support from those throughout the country, including Senator Ted Cruz. But things are looking pretty bleak for the American version of Canada’s trucker convoy. Unlike the Canadian convoy, which the government shut down, the American convoy faces a lack of funds.

For 19 days, a group of truckers met in Hagerstown, Maryland, to slow roll and loop around the Washington, D.C. Beltway. The group has earned themselves meetings and rides along with many Senate Republicans in hopes of getting change to happen. Sources cite that it’s because of the lack of media coverage that the once rampant donations have dwindled; some have mentioned the rising prices in gas.

Before leaving Barstow to the Capital, the convoy managed to get $1.7 Million to support the movement. [Source Frieghtwaves]


Canadians Inspired, The World, Check Out Photos From Convoys World Wide

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