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The food truck scene in Tampa Bay is pretty incredible. From Maine lobster rolls to some of the best tacos on the planet, there are a wide variety of local favorites.

Today (April 2), however, is National Peanut Butter and Jelly day. You probably woudn’t think to leave the house to go satisfy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich craving. But you might want to think about it. With a perfect 5 star score on Yelp, PB & Jelly Deli is making fans in St. Pete.

Why focus on PB&J? They say on their website, “It reminds us of a simpler time in life when a sandwich, a bag of chips, and a note from someone who loves us could put a smile on our face.” Sandwiches go for just under $10, which might seem steep for a PB&J sandwich… but for every meal they sell, they say they give away another to those in need.

They get a little more creative than a basic sandwich with Skippy and Smuckers. Their signature sandwiches include the “St Pete Savory” with cashew butter and fig jelly, the “Thai Fighter” with curry peanut butter and sweet pepper jelly, and the “Italian Goat” with walnut pesto goat cheese butter, banana peppers, tomato jam and a balsamic dressing.

If none of those tempt you, you can create your own. For nut butters, they also have almond, chocolate almond, salted caramel and walnut. Jelly options include mint, apple butter, cherry and classic grape. Add ins for $1 range from bananas and apples to siracha and hot sauce. Sounds like Elvis would’ve loved this place. To see where they’ll be next, call (727) 490-9378 or visit

Geno Tries “Got Lobstah” in St. Pete

Being the only Q105’er from Maine, you’d think I’m a lobster roll expert. Truth be told, I never ever ate them when I lived there. I was a fast food kid. Mom was a single parent so lobster wasn’t really within her budget. And seeing mean nasty looking lobsters in dark tanks at supermarkets as a child creeped me out. They looked like evil monsters with those sharp claws. As I got older, I had one here and there when I’d go home. Now I love ’em but I lived 1,000 miles south here in Tampa Bay. So whenever I get a chance to have a legit Maine lobster roll here among the palm trees, I gotta try it. Got Lobstah is a food truck that makes its way around the Tampa Bay area, but I just never made a point to track them down until I saw they were coming to St. Pete near the Q105 studio this past weekend. Could they unseat my favorite Maine lobster roll spot in Clearwater? Here’s my review… in photos.

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