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Didn’t get enough sleep last night? There’s a pod for that.

The Tampa Bay Times today has a piece out about a place for the fatigued in Tampa called “Nap Pod.” Now open downtown at 412 E Madison Street, those in need of some sleep can drop in and disappear from the world for an hour… for about $50. Owner Scott Chester bought two $15,000 machines described as “spaceship-looking thrones.” You take a seat in the zero gravity chair and doze off. If you just need a quick power nap, a 20 minute session goes for $16. The full hour is $48. Or if you see this becoming a routine, you can drop in anytime with a $240 monthly subscription. If it’s any consolation, they say your little mini vacations are Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account eligible.

During your voyage into sleep, lavender air is pumped in and you can wear headphones that play things like seagulls, chimes or a piano. When wakey wakey time comes, you can enjoy a bottle of water and refresh with a lemon-scented face towel. Sounds kind of awesome right about now doesn’t it?

Apparently these are super popular at Google. I know I personally would be too stressed to fall asleep because I’d know the clock is ticking. Happens every time I have to wake up super early – I can never fall asleep the night before. If you’re like me, they invite you to first spend some time in a lounge with a foot massager where a video of a river in Japan is playing on the wall to the sounds of flowing water. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

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