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In recent times, Governor Gregg Abbot has done something not many Republicans have done. Follow through with their promises. Gov. Abbot told the Biden Administration that if they continued to ease restrictions on the border, he would start bussing the immigrants to the capital. Unfortunately, Gov. Abbott believes that politicians in the area are disconnected from the people of Texas, who are majorly affected by the massive border surge since the inauguration of President Biden.

The third busload of illegal immigrants has arrived in Washington D.C despite the head of US Customs and Border Protection slamming the Texas Governor. The Gov. office didn’t respond to questions, but it is estimated that there were 30 new immigrants on the last bus. Since last Wednesday, they have been trying to maintain one bus per day. Gov. Abbot has declared that he would continue doing so unless the Biden Administration maintains the Title 42 Health Protocol. This allowed border officials to expel migrants before claiming asylum, making them stay in Mexico until properly vetted.

Migrants that have been moved to the capital are allowed to stay until their Aslyum has been verified, and Gov. Abbot refuses to let them be a drain on the systems of Texas. So no migrant is being forced to go to Washington; however, they all must volunteer to go. [Source NYP]

“We all have a shared interest in maintaining safe, orderly, and humane immigration processes, and assistance from the state should be carefully coordinated with us.”

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