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WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 08: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson speaks during an event celebrating her confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court on the South Lawn of the White House on April 08, 2022 in Washington, DC. Judge Jackson was confirmed by the Senate 53-47 and is set to become the first Black woman to sit on the highest court.

With one simple phrase, Justice Jetanji Brown has given a spark of life to the comeback game of the Democrats. A few weeks ago during her conformation hearings, Justice Brown was asked by Senator Blackburn if she could define a “Woman.” Justice Brown uttered the phrase that has now been the left’s major answer to things they can’t. “I’mnotabiologist.” Now it seems with faced with any real questions the left picks a job that would be an expert in that field and says: “Are you (insert occupation here)”

Two notable instances recently have shown they now use this one as a quickfire from the hip. Roll in Jen Psaki at a recent White House brief was asked by Foxes Peter Doocy about why the White House was still encouraging masks on planes. Doocy pointed out they didn’t need them in the White House during the briefing they were at. Jen Psaki responded in a manner not usual for her collected self.

“Well, Peter, I’m not a doctor, you’re not a doctor — that I’m aware of …. OK, not a doctor,” she said to laughter in the press room. “Nor does he play one on TV — most days.”

Moving on to our second pick for the best use of the left’s favorite comeback. Ben Shapiro was speaking at a college as many do at the Daily Wire when a college student approached the podium to speak. The rant that has now gone viral for the student calling out Ben over his stances on transgender issues mentions that he is a mathematician and physicist (this is important). The student asks Shapiro what he truly knows is that he is a lawyer and that his opinions on the subject are not valid as he is not a biologist. But neither is the student.

The Arguments to be made here are simply the Left will no longer let you have any points or valid reasons on any subject now if you are not the best of whatever it is you are talking about. If you are not a garbage man you may not have an opinion on whether or not the pickup schedule is a little erratic. Points like these devalidate many including their own. Justice Brown may not have meant to create this comeback but it will be one we see for a very long time. [Saource Huffington Post]

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