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Dave gets calls and emails regularly, and he figures it to be a particular culture. They have the issue. He feels that they do not like to be told they can win. Unfortunately, these same people are the ones that take themselves out of the equation when it comes to their problems. Dave says that in the 30 years he’s been giving advice and teaching the world, he has met someone of every type of person out there. Not only has he met them, but they have also been successful. This idea that this one specific thing may make you doomed to fail is total crap, Dave says.

Dave says there are people out there who can hinder you, but it’s up to you to take control of yourself. First, you have to take control of the person in the mirror. Dave wouldn’t be where he is today if it was easy, but he knows anyone can do it. From little things from going for a walk in the morning means taking the discipline to build into better things, just like using the debt snowball to clear your finances of trouble, this one activity snowballs into others that will bring about a better life. But it all starts with you, not someone else. Take control, and don’t let others dictate your life.

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