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Dave takes a call from Lane from Deleware. She recently completed her Master’s in Occupational therapy, and in a recent year, she started a landscaping business. She runs the business full time while doing occupational therapy on the side. While her landscaping business has been very successful, the work is starting to dwindle. She admits that she was purposefully taking less work due to being “Burnt Out.” Furthermore, Lane has recently taken a job offer to be a physical therapist. The issue is it’s only one day a week.

Dave agrees with Lane’s decisions except for the timing. He is upset with her choice to go from a guaranteed high income to one that earns substantially less. Part of Lane’s choice comes with the licensing and insurance required to be a Physical Therapist. Her mental fatigue from running the business has been getting worst up until she made the change. Co-Host Dr. John Delony says that she didn’t lose her attention to detail it’s all a part of the mental fatigue. He equates it to being a robot attacking task. Apart from seeing a therapist, she must continue with it until she gets a full-time job and then gives her two weeks to her clients.


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