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Shawn from Missouri is currently in Baby Step 2 (pay off all debts) and is on track to be clear of debt by next year. However, he is currently unhappy in his career and is wondering about a career switch. His question for Dave is: “Is it worth more debt to get a career Counselor?” Shawn knows he can afford it without putting himself further into debt and would still make his goal of clearing debt by next year.  Ken Coleman believes it’s a pretty good move as long as he remains in charge of his own cash flow. However, he does warn about doing some research about who he picks for a career coach.

Dave recalls a book called “The Calling” that he read that really made a difference. First of Dave remembers a time when he was working just to have something to eat, a job in a sense. Secondly, he paid his debt off, got the wolves away from the door, and then found himself a career. This is what has lead Dave to be where he is today. Dave knows it was his calling to do this by the number of people he has helped turn their lives around. However, when he started his career, he didn’t think it would be that way. So finally, Dave believes there is a difference between a career and a calling, and you should be doing soul searching to find it.

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